Get Your Business Growing

Your journey is about to change your business forever. It's time to take the most difficult step yet and start building the distinctive business God intends for you.

There are people out there who are waiting for you to discover and build that business. People who desperately need your help.

Jeremiah & Hannah: Helping you build the business God created you to run

...but you've become so overwhelmed with your current path you often wonder if you have what it takes.

My friend, I feel your pain. I spent years spinning my wheels doing things that didn't work in a business that didn't fit who I am. Today I'd like to show you a better way. It's God's path for business and it leads to your success.

You see, God has principles that govern how business works. Every struggle you face, every feeling of overwhelm and confusion, stems from bad business counsel (or lies) that impair your ability to effectively apply God's truth.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Our simple system will help you re-shape your business:

Building a Business You Can Enjoy

We are here to guide you through the maze; to help you stay on track even when you’re in the dark. That way you can start experiencing the fulfilling life that God has in store for you.

By following our simple system you will start experiencing an amazing transformation:

    • Your business becomes more profitable. You make enough to invest in your business each month!
    • All business essentials get done each week - no more falling behind. You even have time for your family!
    • You're forging strong relationships with all key suppliers, staff and customers. Thus stabilizing your business and improving longevity!

All this and yours by following God' principles of business! Confidently pursue truth and things that were once impossible become straight forward.

Learn how to make your business more consistent with God's truth so that you can enjoy it more and more...

There Is a Business God Created You to Run!

It's More Fulfilling, Exciting, & Life Changing Than You Ever Dreamed

Do You Want It?

Build the Business God Created You for

Business as God Intends Workshop

Building on God's Truth

In order to continue the Journey to True Success and build the business God created you to run you have to make certain mind-set shifts and apply certain biblical principles to how you operate your business. Only then will you see your business come to life as you tap into your own strengths and meet your customers' needs in ways you never dreamed possible.

You've been hearing God's truth as you read our materials. Now it's time take action. This hands-on workshop is the place where you start reshaping your business. It helps you build a strong foundation and assists you in creating the necessary action plan so you can start building the amazing business God intends for you.

7 Week Workshop: Currently closed

Module 1: Created with Purpose

What Everybody Ought to Know About Themselves. And what does this have to do with business anyway?
  • How to design your business to fit who God created you to be, regardless of what your industry dictates, and how that will start drawing in clients you love working with
  • Your company’s greatest asset has been overlooked for years, discovering it will change how you do business from the foundation up
  • The real reason your current way of doing business is such a drag and how to start changing that
  • And lots more...

Module 2: Called to Provide Value

Make Buying Your Service the Only Logical Option. And why this will make your competition irrelevant.
  • Discover the secret known only by the Truly Successful that ensures that your customers want you to succeed more than you do
  • The one Biblical principle no one’s talking about that is the training ground for growth and how to use it to ensure you provide the best value possible
  • How failing to do one specific thing will rapidly undermine your business' future and guarantees its ultimate demise (it’s different for each person)
  • And more...

Module 3: Discovering Your Marketplace

Discover the secret source of customer data that could cut years off your learning curve. And how this will make it easier than ever to draw in clients.
  • How confusion regarding one principle will prevent you from doing the “best” things in your business but discovering it will make it easier than ever to get your message across
  • Uncover God's foundation to building strong relationships and how this will produce loyal customers who beg you for more
  • Discover the one thing everyone forgets when creating an offer and how that can transform your marketing from the current shot-in-the-dark to a clear bull’s-eye
  • And much more...

Module 4: Commitment to Excellence

More, Better, Faster Is Actually Reality – In Your 1 Field of Expertise. And why doing anything else dooms you to frustration, failure, and burnout.
  • Why telling your clients whatever they want to hear is actually destroying them - - and what God wants you to tell them instead
  • How to get your customers to choose you above all your competition – and actually determine ahead of time that you’re the only provider they want to buy from
  • How to be the Leader others want to follow with the only system that doesn’t leave you doing all the work for the amusement of your “fans”
  • And more...

Module 5: Focus Then Delegate

The Secret to Making a Small Amount of Time Pay Big Time. And how you can leverage this into the future that glorifies God.
  • Why the mindset that led you to start your business will sabotage your efforts to grow your business – and how you can start implementing the new mindset today!
  • Why simplifying your business is the only way forward and how it will allow you to focus on the “one” thing that’s like jet-fuel to your success.
  • Learn the one thing that will make reaching your goals easier than ever. And how to make your other tasks automatically push you forward
  • And much, much more...

Module 6: Your Business Blueprint

Why Most Businesses Fail. And what to do to make sure yours can succeed and experience God's blessing.
  • Learn how to guard the one thing that makes each day's work so simple that you could do it in your sleep
  • How to switch from the old hit-or-miss decision making to a system for growing your business that has been proven to work thousands of times
  • How to eradicate uncertainty in your marketing strategy using the 2-step process that guarantees you have the solution to their most pressing problem
  • The simple multi-step marketing system that allows anyone to create basic, effective marketing for your business using cut and paste
  • And more...

Module 7: Creating Your 6 Month Plan

Do You Have What it Takes to See Your Business Through to Success? Determine how to reshape your business to conform with God's Truth.
  • Discover the key that allows you to focus on what’s next so you start experiencing the progress your foundation has prepared you for
  • 3 steps anyone can master that will make growing your business to the next level easier than you ever thought possible
  • The “secret” that only takes 2-3 minutes per day, yet saves you weeks of uncertainty, headache, and toil
  • How to strategically use 1 hour so that you get twice as much done in your day
  • And so much more...

This is an online class which means you can access the content any time, from anywhere. Simply login through the student portal on our website and work through the recorded sessions and assignments.

Expect it to take between eight and ten hours each week to complete the work.

3 More Benefits to Ensure Your Success


Every module has assignments with worksheets for ease of completion


Turn in every assignment and get feedback to confirm you're on track

Group Q&A Call

Call in each week and get your questions answered in person

Special Bonus - First 15 People ONLY

Get double the input from Jeremiah and Hannah! That’s every question you email us, every assignment you turn in, you’re going to hear directly from us (not our team).

Why the special treatment?

We’re moving on soon to build out Level 2 but before doing that we want to fine tune this workshop. You get to be instrumental in developing this class so it has the greatest impact possible.

Don't Miss Out

WEEKLY SCHEDULE: currently closed

  • Friday Evening: The new module opens

  • Wednesday 4pm EST: Question and Answer call for the whole class

  • Thursday Midnight: Assignments due (the sooner you submit assignments the sooner you will receive feedback)

  • Every Day: email us questions; get answers every day of the week (except Sunday)

Business as God Intends Workshop


So...If You're Still Reading...

You Must Be Wondering if Investing in Yourself &
Building the Specific Business God Created You to Run
Is Actually Worth It

Is it worth it to build the business that fits who you are and plays to your strengths? Is it worth it to find fulfilment in building the business God created you to run? Is it worth it to start enjoying the blessings of following God's principles?

For hundreds of Christian Entrepreneurs the answer is a resounding, YES!

...ultimately, this is your life we're talking about. If you are tired of your business teetering on the edge, if you think your business has more potential, then I'll personally promise you one thing: You're business will get much better with our workshop and coaching.

Ask yourself this: 'Is owning my own business everything I dreamed it would be?' 'Am I making a real difference in people's lives?' If not you need to do something about it today...before it is too late.

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