Get Your Entrepreneurial Success Coaching Now!

God’s strategy for helping entrepreneurs persevere is more powerful
than anything you’ve ever seen

You have reached the final step in the journey. Never has it been more crucial for you to persevere and take action on everything you've learned.

Just having the 6 month plan you built in the workshop puts you miles ahead of your competition. It is one of the most valuable assets your business has ever had. But it’s still an inanimate object.

And, as you know, success is a journey...

Whether or not you succeed, is based entirely on what you do next. Make no mistake, reshaping your business according to God’s principles is the most hazardous journey you've ever undertaken. To reach the blessing and success God has in store, you must first overcome the discouragement and setbacks that are headed your way.

Will you be able to push through to True Success? Or will you get stuck somewhere along the way? Remember…

A plan is just a piece of paper…

Action on your Entrepreneurial Success Plan is what will determine your success...

God’s Plan for Team Will Redefine Your Entire Future!

The secret to taking more action, more often is to surround yourself with a team. But not just any team; you need a team that will push you forward.

As God points out:

The Right Team

There are three specific things your team must provide if you are going to persevere with faithfulness and start enjoying True Success:

If even one of these elements of encouragement is missing your progress will stagnate as you sink into discouragement.

Leverage the Full Potential of True Encouragement…

Only when you are encouraged in all three areas can you implement your plan swiftly and with perseverance.

Avoid the pitfalls hiding along your path…

See business from God’s viewpoint …

What You’ll Be Doing Every Month:

Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching

Meet with your coach and start conforming your business to God's principles. Working your plan has never been easier! Now you have an experienced entrepreneur at your back - ready to advise and put challenges into perspective.

  • Weekly coaching call
  • Access through email on workdays
  • Text or email follow-up on progress

Your success coach is here to give you feedback on projects, counsel you on specific applications, and hold you accountable to working your plan.

Accountability Group

Your coach will lead up to six entrepreneurs who are seeking to honor God through their business.

  • Weekly calls will be scheduled and moderated by your coach
  • Each week you will report on your progress and set new goals for the coming week
  • Get support and encouragement from other Dauntless Entrepreneurs

Group interaction is tightly structured to avoid drama and unnecessary rambling. Your coach's job is to help you cover a huge amount of ground in a short amount of time.

Monthly Goal Setting Meeting

An accountability partner does you no good unless you have a goal that they are holding you accountable to achieve. If you do not have a detailed plan to work from, you will never achieve a business that honors God.

  • Meet 1-on-1 each month with your coach
  • Update your plan
  • Map out specific steps and bite-sized goals for the next four weeks

These specific goals are what you report on to your accountability group.

Quick Implementation Videos

Use these instructional videos to learn small tactical skills necessary for completing your goals. Learn the Christian perspective on every area of business.

  • Hand picked by your coach to help with that week's goals
  • Can be watched in a matter of minutes

Now you can quickly master things it took us years to figure out. Stay focused and avoid overwhelm!


Create Your Next 6 Month Plan

Before you know it, you'll have finished the 6 month plan you created in the workshop. At this point it will be time to prepare for your next 6 months.

  • Meet 1-on-1 with your coach to develop a new 6 month plan
  • Make even more progress towards your business' ultimate vision

Continue building momentum as you work through your new plan. And watch your business grow as God's blessings become more obvious.

Work Your Plan. Stay Encouraged. Experience True Success!

Right Now You've Got A Choice…

Distractions abound.

Will you allow them to lure you away or will you persevere in apply God's truth to your business? The workshop and success coaching will lead you into the green pastures of following God’s principles and receiving His blessing. They help you build the distinctive business God intends for you.

Implement God’s Plan for Business Success - Get Your Entrepreneurial Success Coaching Now!

Success Coaching
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