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To help Christian Entrepreneurs discover and apply God's plan for business so that you can start experiencing the life that works and brings glory to God.

About Us

We Are Convinced that the Bible Holds the Key to Success in Business

While many feel that the Bible has little to say about running a business in the 21st century, we have found the exact opposite is true. It’s pages are loaded with principles that make running a successful business not only possible but easier.

Run Your Business God's Way!

This means you no longer have to struggle through new age classes or hire secular business coaches. God has an amazing plan for your business and our system is designed to help you find it.

Our unique teaching style “incrementally reveals” the principles of business in order. Foundational concepts are learned before advanced ones, enabling you to start experiencing positive change in a matter of weeks.

We started Dauntless Academy as a structured way to share with you the most direct route for building a God honoring business.

Jeremiah Stover: Co-Founder of Dauntless Academy

Jeremiah is an information consumer who spends many hours every day reading and soaking up knowledge. As an avid student of the Bible he has spent over 20 years searching out answers to life’s many challenges. The truths he’s uncovered led him to start a Bible study on Practical Christianity for the young people in his church.

His unique ability to think in models allows him to visually connect related truths and pinpoint how principles interact with and support each other (ex: Circles of Friendship, Ladder of Wealth, Foundation of Business). Almost 20 years as a high-level programmer has honed his logic skills allowing him to architect projects and troubleshoot problems. He is a visionary leader who champions the importance of team. He started his first entrepreneurial venture in 2004 and has been seeking God’s principles of business ever since.

At Dauntless Academy the combination of his unique skills allow Jeremiah to bring you the big picture of business so you can see where each piece fits. This allows him to effectively counter the dangers of new age and humanistic thinking and focus each level of instruction on just the truths you need to increase God’s blessing in your life. This laser focus creates unstoppable momentum as we help you pinpoint the specific area you need to work on next.

In his spare time you can find Jeremiah programming hobby projects to encourage Christians in their personal walk with God. His current project at Memorize.Live helps Christians memorize and review Scripture faster and easier than ever before. It does this by using daily text messaging and groundbreaking “Voice Disruption” techniques. If he’s not programming then he’s either reading or having a conversation with a family member.

Hannah Stover: Co-Founder of Dauntless Academy

Hannah is a practical, get it done person who is good at putting together action plans. She likes to solve problems using an outside-the-box perspective that digs below the symptoms to ask, “What’s the real problem here?” She takes her faith in Christ seriously and holds that every problem we face can be traced back to one of God’s principles that we failed to properly apply. She is always on the lookout for ways the Scriptures can practically change our day-to-day lives. She started her first business in 2005 and later joined Jeremiah in his programming firm after passing her CPA exams.

At Dauntless Academy her practical nature and people skills allow her to bring Jeremiah’s advanced models down to your level so you can grasp essential business principles. She works tirelessly developing systems and projects to help you apply new truths directly to your business. She feels her job is incomplete until you get out there and change your business through rubber-meets-the-road application. The combination of Jeremiah’s vision and Hannah’s implementation skills results in small business workshops and coach that are consistent with God’s word and that help you reshape your business into the one God created you to run.

In her spare time you can find Hannah working in her vegetable garden or cooking nutritious meals for the family. She also likes taking long walks in God’s beautiful creation and spending time with her siblings.

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